Tuesday, September 14, 2010

White Rabbit

It just gets worse every day.  Or maybe the desperate need to "fall back" is finally overcoming me, screwing with my sleep cycles and mood.  In any case, MSN is positively vomit-worthy today.

"Kitten with fur that spells C-A-T" (there was a video link; I didn't click it).  "Get a look at Snooki's new hairdo."  Are they serious?  There is one reason I know who "Snooki" is: the awesome clip that you can see for free in a million different places including: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/12/10/jersey-shore-girl-punched_n_388203.html

Let's see.  "Poll: Who should win 'America's Got Talent'? / Photos."  You had me at "poll."  But photos?  Isn't that some kind of non-moving video?  Um.  "Kid Rock in court over lawsuit stemming from [yawn]" what else?  "Klingon space opera makes debut."  I am sure that most of you stopped reading this as soon as you saw the words, and are well on your way to purchasing tickets right now.  Klingon.space.opera.  Of all the times that MSN chooses not to Use Caps Relatively Randomly in Their Headlines, they pick now?  That should have been all-caps.  "KLINGON SPACE OPERA."  In fact, that should have been their "Breaking News" banner.

But seriously, as cool as that might seem to some folk, there are about 50 "things" on the entire MSN homepage that link to content that is not purely advertising.  Links to stories, videos, slideshows, etc.  I am leaving out some things like the weather, but even if we say 100 unique links, is it really worth wasting one of them on a  Klingon space opera?  When so many other "important" things are going on?  Tell me why.  There's one reason, and this is becoming like a broken record: clicks.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, just saying: take a good look and think about what's at the end of your fork, especially when feeding your head.

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